Our Services

Let us help you assess and manage the care needs of your family’s loved one. Family members may feel overwhelmed and alone not understanding…or knowing how to find the alternatives available to help solve their specific care requirements. JMS Senior Care Management is here to navigate for you…to find solutions to sensitive and complicated matters that you may not have time to do on your own. We are not affiliated with any specific care providers, nor do we sell any products. Our service recommendations are objective and based on the specific needs of the family. We’ve studied a full spectrum of resources and we are continually doing our homework in order to provide the best solution for your care needs.

• Healthcare Advocate – serve as a patient representative to the medical community, hospitals & care facilities

• Living Environment – research living communities, make comparisons, and provide recommendations for all levels of care.

• In Home Assistance – procure care professionals for at home care, make household modifications for safety and easy navigation, secure other home service provisions

• Family Liaison – participate as an extended family member for crisis intervention, meeting facilitation and representation for families that are remotely located

• Paperwork – handle medical & insurance forms, bill paying, filing & organizing, computer help, etc.

• Relocation – manage move coordination, archiving, packing, and move assistance

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