Engaging a Care Manager

JMS Senior Care Management is a senior advisory service borne of caring, compassion and practical application to help people as they transition to a need for eldercare services. Our desire to preserve the quality of life among the senior community and to assist the adult children of this growing population led us to this expanding area of service.

JMS provides a spectrum of senior care management services including; crisis intervention, medical advocacy, care coordination, living environments, and evaluation of healthcare benefit options, to name a few. JMS is here to help you with your care management needs.

Why engage a care manager?

Rely on our expertise to locate the services and solutions best suited for your situation
Enable family members to maintain work, personal, and home life balance
Alleviate family conflicts by engaging an objective third party
Reduce guilt with the knowledge that your loved ones are getting personalized attention
Families that live away from senior loved ones rest assured that their needs are being met, and that they can be tended to in a timely manner

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